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Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment Preview at GameSpy!
Written by Astax   
Donnerstag, 11 September 2008

Dubbed 1 of 3 mini expansions, this will offer a shift in strategy from cut-throat offensive, to more build up defensive pace for the game.  Check out all the juicy details in an inteview with Brad Wardell at GameSpy!

~ Astax

DameSpy Preview!

1.09 update is out (IMPULSE Only!)
Written by Astax   
Montag, 28 Juli 2008

The long awaited, by me at least, BETA version of 1.1 is out. Dubbed 1.09, it has been out for days apparently. Why have I said nothing? 'Cause I didn't know! Here is the thing, the update is on Impulse only! I use Stardock Central, and as such I was none the wiser despite checking daily. Not till some 1.09 threads on the board got my lightbulb going did I figure this out. I shall install this and give you my impressions later.

If you too wish to update to this Beta, be warned you will not be able to play with your friends who have not updated. Also be warned when isntalling iImpulse, one bug I have noted is that if you change the installation folder it will fail. So install it in the recommended directory.

~ Astax


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Sins of a Solar Empire v1.1 BETA Change Log
Written by Astax   
Freitag, 27 Juni 2008

Rumored for mid july release, the 1.1 BETA will sure be soemthign to look forward to. I enclosed the copy of the changes and link to the discussion topic.

~ Astax

Forum Thread

Economy Series: Part 1
Written by Astax   
Donnerstag, 19 Juni 2008

Hey Guys,

With everyone waiting for 1.1, and not much else going on, I figured I would start a little economy write up.  Though many think that Sins economy is pretty basic, I assure you nothing can be further from the truth.  In fact, during my play time I have noted 3 distinct economy paths.  That's right, not 1 but 3.  I decided to write a little about each in parts.  So here we are, I begin with Part 1: The Resource Economy!


Update 1.1 to bring fixes, as well as buffs!
Written by Astax   
Mittwoch, 28 Mai 2008

Responding to criticism about 1.05 and Malice nerf Steve Mackey, an Ironclad employee, stated that the change was necessary "to improve its impact on runtime performance in large battles". He also stated that patch 1.1, due to be a major content update, will fix old bugs such as the Marza Missile Barrage. It will also buff many abilities, one named ability is Vengeance.

The original forum post can be found in this thread.

Patch 1.05 Released!
Written by Astax   
Mittwoch, 21 Mai 2008

A day late, maybe a dollar short, patch 1.05 is here!

Your saved games should work according to Craig Fraser. However, your replays will not be compatible. Let's have a moment of silence for all the great replays created in 1.04....

According to Yarlen the patchnotes have not changed from the preview. Go and download the update!

Sins patch 1.05 arriving soon!
Written by Leinad   
Donnerstag, 15 Mai 2008

Stardock announced today that they will release the 1.05 patch next Tuesday. This patch is mainly supposed to fix various multiplayer issues that were reported, a more substantial update (especially regarding balance) will follow with the 1.1 patch.

Also of note is the comment by Yarlen that info about the 1.1 patch will be posted sometime in early June. There is also gonna be a public beta of patch 1.1 to test the new multiplayer code.

Here are the 1.05 changes:

Mod Preview - "Dawn of Victory"
Written by Leinad   
Donnerstag, 15 Mai 2008

I'm happy to welcome you to our very first mod preview. This is the start of a series of articles in which we present the most promising mods and follow their development.

We start with "Dawn of Victory", a mod which is the most ambitious to date.

SoaSE.net launched!
Written by Leinad   
Mittwoch, 14 Mai 2008

Its a great pleasure for me to welcome you on our new Sins of a Solar Empire fansite.

After several weeks of work we are proud to present you this page dedicated to this wonderful game created by Ironclad and Stardock.

Like you will prolly notice a lot of content is still missing but we will add this stuff step by step in the following weeks.

You are also free to upload whatever you want to our download database, and it will be online after an approval through one of our admins.

We are also still searching for motivated people who would like to work on our site. We could use help in every department, be it news poster, mod boys or just persons who write articles like strategy guides.

I really hope that this becomes a place where the SoaSE community can meet, get the newst details about Sins as well as usefull information.


- Leinad






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